Sponsor a Student?

Children in Haiti love to learn. They love school. Most children go to school now, versus 20 years ago many children never had that opportunity. But there are many problems for a student. Let us give you some examples.

Parents send their children to school hoping to have the money to pay the entrance fee at a later date. Most schools are patient for a few months, but then if the parents can’t pay the fee, the child is then no longer allowed to attend school until the parents pay. The child is also allowed to attend class without a uniform, but again when the parents don’t have money to provide a uniform by the deadline, the child is not allowed in class until he has a uniform.

The second problem is not only the school fee, but they need textbooks. The school fee is paid, but now the child attends school and never has a textbook. They can’t do their homework, so they don’t pass or make very poor grades. Students try to share books, but it isn’t the best situation, especially when exam time comes.

Living Word Ministries is privileged to be the connection for a child and a sponsor. Those who are sponsored are so blessed to have their school needs paid for—fees, textbooks, uniforms, and tennis shoes. This is a great blessing for the parents. A sponsor will have the opportunity to receive news from their sponsored child and also write to the child.

Please consider sponsoring a child for $30 per month.

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